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Why We Offer Guests a ‘Sweet Start’

Sweet Start Gibsons B & B BreakfastThe interesting thing about B&Bs and vacation rentals is that guests get a glimpse into how their hosts like to travel. Some people like a very hands off approach to travel — no interaction with their guests. While others choose to open their homes and meal times to visitors.

My husband and I like traveling and staying at B and Bs. It gives us a better picture of the city we are visiting or a glimpse of “how the locals live.” It’s a bit more personal service than a hotel, but not really like staying with family.

In addition, we like to have a lazy start to the day.Sip coffee, munch on fresh baked goods and head out when we are ready to start our day.

While traveling, the day usually jump starts with the need to find something to eat. At hotels, this means you are getting dressed and heading out to deal with people in the buffet room.

While we currently don’t offer to make you breakfast, we will have fresh ingredients for your first morning on the coast. From pancakes to french toast to eggs and locally made sausages, your coast adventure will have a ‘sweet start’!

This gives you, as our guest, a chance to have a lazy start to your day. You can make breakfast on your schedule, in your jammies in your own unit. Your day is in your hands.

Welcome to Sweet Start!

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