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A Fun Way to Work While on Vacation

FUSE Community Work Hub Lower GibsonsIf you ask anyone, they will tell you that they don’t check their work email while on vacation. Who does that?

They will say they are completely cut off from their professional life during their weekend, week or month getaway. Cut off.

While we once had that ability, the divide between work and personal life isn’t so defined these days. Soccer practice mixes with your afternoon meetings and client requests can flow into your vacation plans.

Modern technology allows us to stay tapped into the boardroom while we are on the beach. It gives us a glimpse of what is going on and allows us to be reachable during our away time.

Luckily there is a way you can carve out office time on the Sunshine Coast without feeling like you are trapped in the hotel room.

FUSE Community Work Hub allows entrepreneurs, writers, work from home techs and even vacationers who have to do a spot of work a space to get the job done in a rich collaborative environment.

The open floorplan work stations, enclosed meeting room, shared kitchen and ocean-view patio offer a variety of options for blending heads-down productivity with opportunities for collaboration. They have the Wi-Fi, view and handy location. All you have to bring is your laptop.

In addition to office space, they will connect you with some of the most creative and interesting people on the Coast.

Yeah, work creeps into our downtime once in awhile. However, use the opportunity to meet new people during your stay in Gibsons, BC.


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