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Gibsons, BC - Sunshine Coast

Make Your Trip to the Sunshine Coast a Journey

A quick getaway, one week excursions or long-term stays to the Sunshine Coast offers the weary traveler a chance to regroup and disconnect from the hassles of everyday life.

Often, while on vacation, we funnel our resources into “things” disguised as trinkets of mementos of the trip. It starts out harmless enough, a coffee cup here or a shot glass there.  Before you know it, the living room shelves are packed full of little items that we don’t remember purchasing.  All of us have a shot glass collection, snow globes that have survived seven moves and enough metal spoons with state symbols to host afternoon tea for the entire government body.

But surely there is a better way to remember our carefree days at the cabin or our carefree days at that cute little suite in downtown Gibsons.

In their book Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending, authors Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton talk about how to turn cash into commitment — without expanding your coffee cup collection.

“The key lies in adhering to five key principles: Buy Experiences (research shows that material purchases are less satisfying than vacations or concerts); Make it a Treat (limiting access to our favorite things will make us keep appreciating them); Buy Time (focusing on time over money yields wiser purchases); Pay Now, Consume Later (delayed consumption leads to increased enjoyment); and Invest in Others (spending money on other people makes us happier than spending it on ourselves).”

Make Your Next Vacation a Journey:

Catch Our Drift Earthly Journeys is a collection of artists, artisans, enthusiasts, farmers, naturalists, and other residents of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. Our journey guides provide visitors access to their “ordinary” practices — activities that are “extraordinary” to those of us who do not experience them every day!

The Sunshine Coast has many interesting people doing fascinating, thoughtful things with their knowledge, skills and passions. At times this remote and unique place feels like a beautiful bubble. Catch Our Drift wishes to share our bubble(s) so that others may be inspired to create their own in other places. Our journey guides have inspirational messages to share about life on Earth.

Come experience the Sunshine Coast, connect with real people, learn stuff, and have FUN!

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