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Gibsons, BC - Sunshine Coast

Car Sharing on the Coast

Coast Car Co Op Gibsons RoamingI may be biased. I think one of the best ways to explore a new community like the Sunshine Coast is by public transportation. It offers a visitor the chance to mix, mingle and connect with residents.

But what if you want to extend your exploration beyond the bus route? While you can go carless on the coast, you can only get so far by bus or shoe leather. Luckily, there is an option with the Coast Car Co-Op, a carsharing program with vehicles in Gibsons and Roberts Creek.

Car-sharing is where people share the costs and access to many cars within an area for much less. For some this is their only vehicle while the car co-op provides a second car to other families. The vehicles are located on transit routes and are easy to book through the mobile website.

Are you a member from one of the 5 BC carshares? Kootenay Carshare, Modo The Car Co-op, Nanaimo Carshare, Ogo Carshare, and Victoria Carshare members are welcome to join as Roaming Members.  Simply download the PDF form from the website, complete it, scan it and email it

The Coast Car Co-Op has diverse plans for roamers or people looking to travel to the Sunshine Coast. For more information about this excellent service, contact Coast Car Co-Op at 778-374-3092 or

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