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4 Activities for Rainy Days on the Sunshine Coast

Things to Do on the Sunshine CoastSpring may have sprung but Mother Nature has not shut off the waterworks for the Sunshine Coast region. Most days are partly cloudy with a high chance of showers. However, the weather doesn’t have to wash out your getaway vacation plans. There are still ways to enjoy some down time on the coast.

1) Time to Chill
Our lifestyles are very go-go, even on vacay. Head here for this, go there to see that. Treat the rain delay like your own personal chill time. Recharge your batteries and relax. Watch a movie, play a board game or read a book.
You’d be surprised at how a bit of down time can recharge your energy — and your outlook.

2) Kayak
That’s right. I said it. Go kayaking in the rain. For one, it is a water sport. For two, most of the other recreational boaters aren’t on the water. And, lastly, the water tends to be a bit calmer when it is sprinkling. It’s a beautiful way to get out, get some exercise and see life from off shore.

3) Visit the Community Shops
When it is sunny out, our natural tendancy is to head for the outdoors. Hike Soames Hill or visit Secret Cove beach. While it is wet, visit the local community shops that specialize in artisan flair. Take your time exploring the different vendors.

4) Art Galleries
There are two art galleries and the area museum in lower Gibsons that showcase different art styles and mediums. It’s a great way to get a glimpse at the talent of the coast — while staying dry.

— Weegee

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