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Gibsons, BC - Sunshine Coast

About Us


Hello! Our names are Mike and Weegee and we are the proud owners of the Sweet Start B&B. The two of us are actually imports from Portland Oregon where we met on a dragon boat. Once our padding obsession had run its course, we decided to embark on our next great adventure — life north of the border. We packed up and moved to Canada in 2011. From Commercial Drive to the Sunshine Coast, our time in British Columbia has been a great adventure that I (Weegee) routinely blog about.

The two of us work from home (I am a blogger, my husband is a computer software engineer), we get to enjoy the little things that Gibsons has to offer like a midday treat at the local bakeries. Since we don’t have a car, we walk almost everywhere and can be seen exploring coastal towns hand in hand. For further destinations, we take the bus or use our membership as Coast Car Co-Op members.

There is a cat on site, our not-so-slender Random, but he isn’t allowed in the suite and is quite shy of anyone beyond my husband and I. He’s getting over it but just to let those allergic to cat know.

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